Solutions for the Workplace


A message to the employer…

The challenges of maintaining your workforce and company productivity likely cause some sleepless nights for you and the rest of your leadership team. And what keeps you up at night is what AWG is uniquely structured and positioned to help you address.

What responses would you get if you asked your employees these questions and got honest answers?
  • Do you have a hard time focusing on your work because of personal problems?
  • Have personal problems ever caused you to be late for work or miss work altogether?
  • Are you feeling stressed out or burned out at work?

What responses would you get if you and the rest of your leadership team honestly answered these questions?
  • Do you worry about employee satisfaction and productivity levels?
  • Is employee wellness a concern and would you like to promote wellness in your workforce?
  • Would you like to decrease the costs to your business of medical benefits?
Access Wellness Group can help address these very real concerns through its Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services.
The EAP is a work-site based program designed specifically to help identify and resolve productivity problems associated with the employee(s) whose performance or conduct at work are adversely affected by personal concerns.
What is the value of an EAP to your business? It is estimated that as many as 80% of all terminations are due not to employees being unable to perform their work, but to their personal and interpersonal problems –emotional or mental issues, relationship issues, parenting, care-giving, grief and loss, substance abuse issues, stress, financial issues, etc.
Companies with capable, active and involved EAP partners such as AWG have reported very positive results of this employee benefit. Among these benefits: decline in absenteeism, reduction in sick days, reduction in workplace accidents and workers compensation claims, reduced turnover and others.

• CHEVRON: $50,000 savings from reduced turnover

• ABBOTT LABS: a 6:1 return on dollars spent on EAP services over a 3-year period; employees using EAP
spent $10,000 less for inpatient medical care.

• CAMPBELL SOUP: 28% savings in mental health cost

AWG can help you identify and resolve workplace issues before they lead to increased medical costs, decreased employee wellness and other costly circumstances that impact your business’s bottom line.
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