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Kristy Carter

Kristy Carter, APRN.  Since her first psychology class in high school, Kristy Carter has been very interested in mental health.  She received her Bachelorís degree from the University of Kentucky in Psychology.  Following this, she pursued a second degree in nursing.  Working as a nurse on the neurological floor of a local hospital, Kristy observed many people suffering from mood and anxiety disorders, which negatively affected their health outcomes.  With her interest in psychology, Kristy decided to return to UK to obtain a Masterís degree in Nursing and became ANCC Board Certified as a Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.
Kristyís primary professional interest is in mood and anxiety disorders having studied bipolar disorder in great depth.  Kristy also treats a wide variety of other mental health concerns.  Kristy provides care for a wide age range and enjoys the opportunity to work with children and adolescents as well as adults. Kristy leads groups for mood disorder clients.

As a nurse practitioner, Kristyís primary role at Access Wellness Group is prescribing medications for her patients. However, she also utilizes a holistic and multidisciplinary approach when working with her patients which she finds to be more successful in treating mental health.  Recognizing best practice standards which indicate that medications along with therapy produce better outcomes than either treatment option alone, Kristy encourages her clients to engage in some type of psychotherapy.  Furthermore, Kristy believes stress management is an important component to mental well-being.

Kristy describes her approach to her practice as working with her clients in a collaborative manner, developing effective treatment strategies to help control distressing symptoms.

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