Parenting Tips

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Nov 5th, 11
Some helpful tips for young parents.

Parenting Tips

Choose your battles carefully. Say “yes” when you can, because there will be a lot of times when you have to say “no.”

Be prepared. Anytime you take your child on an outing, bring snacks and activities to avid hunger and boredom. On longer trips, you may even include special toys or art supplies that your child rarely plays with. This should help keep them entertained and interested.

Rotate toys every 1-2 months so that they seem new. Keep the toys that aren't being used put up and out of sight.

Use the “if, then” rule. Example: “If you get ready for bed quickly, then we will have time to play a game.”

When you give your child a choice, limit the number of options. For example, “Do you want cereal or waffles for breakfast?” Avoid asking something like, “What do you want for breakfast?”, unless you are really prepared to provide whatever the child asks for!

Implement a sleeping strategy. If your child sleeps with you, prepare a strategy to get them back in their own bed. Sleeping alone promotes self esteem and will help you child develop self soothing skills.

Answer questions wisely. When you child asks a questions that you are unsure how to answer, tell then you need time to think about it. Get back with them in ten minutes or sos, after you have had time to prepare an answer.

Comfort your child. When your cisco 642-902 exam young child seems irritable, it may help to sit down and offer to hold them for a few minutes. This can help feel secure and less frustrated.

Using TIMEOUT. There are 5 rules to follow when using time out. 1. Make sure that you choose a boring spot. 2. Set a timer once your child is quiet. If the child is being loud in protest it is okay to say calmly, “I will start the timer once you are quiet.” 3. Use one minute for each year of the child's age. 4. Ignore your child while they are actually in timeout. 5. Avoid lecturing too much once the time out is over.

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