Family Therapy

Let's face it. Being a family can be hard work. The pressures facing families today can be daunting. Balancing the demands of relationships, work, and school - dealing with the challenges of being a single parent - or overcoming the obstacles presented by living in a blended family. Coping with unknowns about the economy, job loss, or the fear of job loss while balancing work, children, and relationships are just a few of the things facing families today. The stress is cumulative and can seem overwhelming.

Family therapy is a type of counseling designed to address the family as a whole, not just an individual within the unit.
If there is a specific issue/problem (substance abuse/addiction, anger, anxiety, recurring conflict, etc.), an experienced therapist can help families examine the dynamics of living in their current situation and explore ways that can lead them toward healthier ways of interacting.

At Access Wellness, our approach is collaborative. This means our therapists will work with you. We work with you to help your family learn productive communication styles. We work with you to
help each family member establish healthy boundaries if these are needed. And we work with you to enable more satisfying behavioral patterns to emerge and grow within a unit of unique individuals. The results can often be dramatic and can lead families to a better understanding of one another and an improved quality of life.

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