Addiction & Recovery

Access to Recovery, a Treatment Program of the Access Wellness Group, Inc.

Are You Someone Who….

…wants help with your drug or alcohol problem but can’t afford to leave work and family for a traditional 30 day program?

…has tried and failed with previous alcohol and drug treatment and wondered if there was a program out there to help you with your problem?

…lives with someone who has a drinking and or a drug problem and you need help living with the problems of the drinker or drug abuser?

There is good evidence which suggests that outpatient treatment over time can be very effective in addressing the problem of alcohol or drug abuse. Even if you have tried and failed, know that you are not alone. Sometimes a fresh approach to treatment is needed to help achieve and maintain sobriety.

There are newer and more effective treatments which integrate the use of medically assisted treatment to help someone quit their drinking or substance abuse.

And even if you’re a person who doesn’t know for sure if you have a problem, talking with someone who understands recovery can often help you find the answers you are looking for.

For further information or to set up your initial appointment, call Access Wellness Group office: (859) 309-0309.